• Jon Bass

Nebraska? Where's that at?

Most of us can’t deny our childhood location and surroundings deeply affected us in some way. Personally, I look back on that chapter of my life and think of the immense impact that it left on me. I first realized this when I went to college and had a felt a lot of happy nostalgia towards my hometown, especially the street I grew up on.

Since moving to Los Angeles, I admit I’m even nostalgic about my entire experience in the midwest, both in Omaha, NE and film school in Lincoln, NE. However, there are certain times when I haven’t always been ecstatic about where I’m from. I got tired of hearing others' stereotypes of what they think of where I’m from, when I tell them Nebraska. Other times I was proud of it and really owned it. Why would my response be different? Is it really anything to be ashamed of? I had a great upbringing, made some solid friendships with guys my age on the street and had many treasured memories. 

I've been learning more about honesty, whether it be with myself or with others, and this is a part of that lesson. I can't change where I'm from or the environment I grew up in, it's where God placed me and my story. No reason to deny that, instead I want to take full ownership of it moving forward. I inevitably will continue to meet new people in the industry and have to tell them my background and where I'm from, and be proud.

Now after living 6+ months on the sunny west coast, I’m looking for ways to make my apartment feel cozier, more like home. Shutterfly emailed me a big sale on photo printed coffee mugs, and I had the perfect photo in mind. My childhood street.

Proverbs 16:9

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

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